What is AbaWeb and how does it work?


AbaWeb is the web-based version of Switzerland’s widely-used business software, ABACUS, Internet (vi) version. AbaWeb was developed from scratch to fit into the internet architecture. Version vi of the software is notable in particular for its scalability, role-based user concept, multilingual capability and support of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). A company using SaaS services pays a usage-based fee, which takes the form of a monthly rental fee for the software.  Users therefore do not incur any initial expenses such as licence fees or infrastructure costs.

With ERP hosting, software applications hosted on fast managed-service infrastructures can be accessed online by external companies.  AbaWeb users can choose the modules that they want to use and no longer need to instal their software locally. With AbaWeb, it is easy to work via the internet on the servers of the hosting partner, Fidinter Treuhand AG, regardless of which desktop computer and operating system are used.

No expensive additional software is needed. As AbaWeb is compatible with earlier ABACUS versions, all earlier investments of the ABACUS client are protected. This ensures full access to modern functionality and technology.


Access to AbaWeb demo