Our clients

Our clients are the focus of our activities and are the very essence of our philosophy of service. We maintain personal, sustainable relationships through our skills, our commitment and our accessibility.

Thanks to our vast experience, we are able to identify our clients’ needs and provide them with services that meet their expectations, while operating within the legal framework and completely independently.

Our team

We expect our staff to contribute to the development of a team spirit by adopting our core values.

We foster our corporate culture through regular communications on our objectives and our business. The duties, responsibilities and activities of each team member are clearly defined.

We encourage ongoing training so as to continuously build on our team’s skill sets, in our clients’ interest, with the goal of offering the highest quality of services to them.

We demand a keen sense of responsibility and substantial commitment from our employees, whilst respecting their private lives.

The quality of our work environment, regular follow-ups with our team members, and the definition of a career plan for each of them, all help to ensure that they feel fulfilled in their work.

We are committed to offering working conditions that are both attractive and competitive for our field.

Our company

In business for more than 90 years now, our Audit- and Accounting-company works to ensure our longevity through controlled growth and a stable organisation.

We offer services to clients throughout Switzerland. Financially independent, Fidinter is held by our partners, who are actively involved with our client base.

We maintain an extensive network of relations with public authorities, financial institutions, and colleagues and experts in the industry, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Ethics, trust, mutual respect, loyalty and professionalism are the core values at Fidinter.