The cornerstone for today’s Fidinter Group was laid on 1 October 1918 with the establishment of the general partnership Jeanrenaud & Hegnauer, société en nom collectif at Rue Pichard 3, Lausanne, making us one of the oldest fiduciary companies in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.


On 31 January 1929, the company was changed into a public limited company, Jean Hegnauer Fiduciaire SA with a share capital of CHF 200,000, was followed by several changes to the name and structure of the company (1939 change of name to Fiduciaire Privée SA, 1968 change of name to Fidinter SA, Société fiduciaire, and finally, in 2005, the company’s name changed to Fidinter SA).


Since the beginning, the company counted large national companies among its loyal clients. The many mandates in the German-speaking part of Switzerland convinced the owners to expand into German-speaking Switzerland, which led to the acquisition of President AG in Zurich at the beginning of 1985. After many name changes, this company today operates as Fidinter Treuhand AG. Another subsidiary was established in Zug in May 1993.


A subsidiary specialising in providing services to retirement homes and frail care centres in Canton Vaud, Fidugems SA, was acquired. This company still operates in the same market.


Following the introduction of stricter rules regarding the independence of auditors, CoFidinter SA, now operating as Fiduciaire Fidinter SA, was established in August 1998.


To standardise the image of the various Group companies, the current corporate identity was defined in June 2005 and introduced together with the well-known logo, a wavy orange line.


As the result of changes in client needs and the structure of the client base coupled with upcoming changes in the partner system, the Group was restructured on 1 November 2007. Many of the subsidiaries purchased over the years were merged and the management structure was simplified.


The growing demand for specialised tax services resulted in the establishment of Fidinter Fiscalité SA in Lausanne in 2010.


Today the fiduciary companies in Lausanne and Zurich are owned by local partners. These companies own a joint subsidiary Fidinter SA, which as a licensed expert auditor handles the Group’s national auditing mandates.


The development of the tax consulting activities led to the merger of Fidinter Fiscalité SA with Fiscaplan SA and to the acquisition of a minority stake in the latter.


Year of the 100th anniversary. The Companies count about fifty employees distributed between the sites of Lausanne and Zürich. On January 1st Fidinter limited company assumes more than 400 audit mandates.